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KAPs FILLER, the beauty of straight hair KAPs FILLER by Salerm Cosmetics is the result of years of investigation aimed at improving upon the keratin treatments currently on the market. KAPs FILLER works simultaneously on two levels: treating damage caused by external aggressions, and creating a smoothing effect. The result: frizz-free hair that is healthy, soft, flowing and shiny.

Keratin, an essential component of hair, is one of the most resistant proteins we have and are therefore last to suffer from damage. This tells us that there are many other proteins associated with natural keratin which are much more prone to destruction and which give the hair its healthy, elastic, shiny and flowing appearance.

These proteins associated with keratin are known to the scientific community as KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins). They are more fragile and easily damaged than keratin, causing the hair to lose its most important properties.

Investigation and scientific advances have given KAPs FILLER, without overlooking keratin, the ability to recover these internal proteins in the form of amino acids (which penetrate the cortex with greater ease), repairing the hair and restoring its original natural condition.

One of these amino acids is a modified cysteine, which is the main component responsible for the straightening effect as it rebuilds the internal bridges which configure the hair’s new shape and give it added strength.

Also KAPs FILLER boasts an exclusive cuticular interlocking system, based on the presence of high-quality ceramides, bonding agents found naturally in the hair which protect, seal and lock the hair’s scales together. This strengthens the hair structure, improves shine and restores the natural hydrophobic nature of the cuticle.

Who is it suitable for?

The KAPs FILLER cosmetic range in general is recommended for all those people who want to see an improvement in their hair quality because it’s an extraordinary beauty product. KAPs FILLER is a temporary straightening and rebuilding product which lasts up to 3 months depending on the hair type. The treatment is exclusive to professionals, although the maintenance kit is available for home use.

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