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Spanish Hair Cosmetics brand hits the UK
For the first time Spanish hair cosmetics brand Salerm is available to UK salons, the brand which was founded in Barcelona more than 50 years ago and now sells in four continents across the world has now reached our shores.
The brand offers a plethora of products, but key to its success has been its professional hair colour system SALERM VISION. The Salerm Vision system provides 120 bright, vibrant long lasting colours, which care for the hair whilst creating true tones. Micro- molecular colour pigments ensure maximum colour effectiveness within the hair cortex, whilst the colour base contains keratin, wheat germ and natural plant oils to protect and condition the hair during the colour process.
The system has the lowest ammonia content of most professional hair colour systems. Salerm has worked hard to minimise the content of an ingredient called Resorcinol, which is known to be a highly toxic skin irritant and is a frequent cause of hair dye sensitisation. Resorcinol is only present in three of the 120 colours in the Salerm Vision system, whilst it has a high presence in many other brands of hair colour. The Salerm Vision system’s base colours are also free from green pigment, which is a problem in many other brands, where resorcinol is used to create green tones. The Salerm Vision colour system has high colour intensity with low skin sensitivity.
Salerm is distributed in the UK by Francaldo, a distribution company set up by professional hairdressers David Capaldo and Giampiero Franchi with a combined experience of 65 years. As David Capaldo, Director of Francaldo and a Professional Colourist for 35 years says: “The reason why we have bought Salerm over to the UK is that it is a fabulous high quality salon brand which provides the excellent results of a prestige colour brand but at an affordable price.
“We can also provide bespoke training and technical back-up for any wholesalers and salons that stock the range.”
For further details please visit  www.salerm.com  and contact UK distributors Francaldo on 07866 604613,

davidcapaldo@gmail.com  or  info@salermhairproducts.co.uk