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About Us

Salerm Cosmetics, flagship brand of VMV Cosmetic Group, is today one of the most important Spanish brands in the professional hairdressing sector. More than 60 years offering both professionals and their customers, high-end products with proven effectiveness to care for hair and leave it healthy and radiant.

We’re specialists in hair color, with a range of more than 100 colors, and we were the first company to launch a hair color with treating properties. We also boast a wide catalogue of products; ample to satisfy not only the needs of the professional stylist but also those of the consumer.

At our laboratory and investigation center, a team of experts create and develop new products which enable the professionals to do their job, safe in the knowledge that they have a company behind them commited to offering comprehensive and ongoing customer service.

Salerm Cosmetics boasts a far-reaching international presence in around twenty countries on five continents, with branches in New York, Brazil, Montreal, California, San Francisco, Miami, Chile, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Moscow, Milan, Mexico DF, The United Araba Emirates, Morocco, Madrid as well as our central headquarters here in Barcelona.

To access the price list & conditions you will need to obtain a password. Please email us on info@salermhairproducts.co.uk